08 September 2017

Sharing Needles, Sharing Blood?

The subject of IV drug use came up today in the context of sharing dirty equipment.

We know that there's enough blood left in the syringe from the previous user to potentially pass diseases, right?

Now, people have different blood types, and it's really not a good idea to give, say, B- to someone with A+ blood. In fact, it can be fatal to mix different blood types.

Which got me wondering -- do IV drug users ever have bad reactions to other users' blood types?


  1. as long as they die, who cares?

  2. Interesting question. I'm a GP, not a haematologist, but my understanding is that the traces of blood in the syringe just wouldn't be enough to set off a fatal or serious reaction (you might get some of your own blood cells broken down, but not enough to cause problems).


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