19 March 2011

Trying Out a New Thing

I'm trying out Windows Live Writer, a blogging program. IDK if it's going to be good, bad, or outright ugly, but this will be fun.

17 March 2011

Searching for my Roots, Part 2


I have to admit to still being a bit gobsmacked by this whole situation.

Not only have I found my birth mother, I've found an aunt, a grandmother, and three siblings.

Who'd have thought?

I've been communicating with my birthmum through Facebook, and it's a little strange just how similar we are. And the "cat thing" I have going? Apparently it's genetic, 'cuz she's a total cat person, too. We have fairly similar tastes in reading, though I tend more towards high fantasy and sci-fi with a smattering of romance (though I'm not above reading trashy novels -- sometimes a trashy novel is just the right thing! ^_^')

This is really exciting. A bit scary. But in a good way.

We're putting together a photo album for T., and I want to make the cover myself. Like, not a picture of me on the cover, but a piece of my own artwork. Something special.

But my first priority should be getting through the quarter. *sigh*