28 May 2011

Blogging, Comments

I've had a few anonymous cowards come on here and flat out insult me.

I have only ever had to delete two comments -- one that posted my personal information (who also hit my LiveJournal, and was probably my ex), and one that directly attacked me.

Holy shit, I posted something that offended someone? OH NO! NOT THAT! *pfft* People need to grow the fuck up, already, and get over it -- it's my blog, it's my content, and I post whatever I feel like posting. If you hate it so much you feel compelled to comment on it, please, don't bother. Just go somewhere else if you don't like it. (Christ, it's even in the disclaimer up top!)

Or, if you just HAVE TO comment on how much I suck*, please have the testicular fortitude to leave your name.

* My partner sure isn't complaining about it!

17 May 2011

Google Chrome, Blogging, New Toys

I've been playing with Google Chrome for about a week, now, and I'm finding that I really like it.

There are apps that integrate themselves into the browser so smoothly, you'd never know they were there if you weren't using them!

For example, right now, I'm using ScribeFire -- this app allows me to post blog updates to both my blogger account AND my LiveJournal. At the same time.

And I could, if I felt like it, write several posts in advance, and schedule them for automatic posting later.

I see many, many, uses for this clever little app!

Happy Dance