28 May 2010

Maybe Not

I'm still completely exhausted.


But exhausted.

I'm skipping Ski to Sea stuff this year. Not watching the parade. Not taking up PFLAG on the invite to march in the parade. I'm sleeping, and would rather like to be left alone... unless you come bearing food.

25 May 2010

Oh. Holy HELL.

So I had the gallbladder surgery last Friday. Here's what I've learned:

Laparoscopic surgery, though the "less invasive" way to do it, is still surgery, and STILL FUCKING HURTS.

I bruise easily. VERY easily. Pictures would probably be over-share.

Even "small" bruises can hurt BIG.

Cats will ALWAYS steal your pillow. Or take up the whole bed. Or poke you in the side, right in one of the bruises.

Gracie is a morning person. I hate morning people. I hate mornings. Hell, I barely do "daylight hours". It's not fun waking up to a happy, overly enthusiastic, loud-enough-to-wake-the-dead "MEOW" at 7:00 AM. And startle badly enough to jump about three feet. And experience pain on a whole NEW level.

Vicodin is a fucking godsend. I don't particularly like opiates, but they ARE effective painkillers, and I DO like that. I'm a total wimp when it comes to pain, and the worse the pain, the quieter I get. Seriously, we're in "flat 'ow'" territory. (Related to the "Flat What") Plus... yeah, I'm a bit loopy. But that may just be that I'm dead tired.

I have to go back in on June 3d, for removal of about six gallstones that "escaped" into the duct. Should be simple, no-fuss procedure.

Anyway, I'm about ready to just lie down and go to sleep. I had a very busy day, and I'm just completely wiped out. But, every day, the pain is just a little... less, and moving around gets a little easier.

I should be back up and running by the first. I hope.

06 May 2010

Internet Shopping

Internet, I love you and I HATE you. You provide me with entertainment, socialization, and even shopping opportunities. So many neat things available. And now I've given in and ordered a T-shirt from teh LOLmart.

The shirt:

The original LOL that inspired the shirt:

It arrives in about two weeks.