20 September 2010

Back To School, Part 1

So it's back to school for me, aiming for a Paralegal degree this time, and I'm actually kinda excited about it.

Classes start tomorrow, the 21st, I've got my books, supplies, everything, ready to go. I'm prepared. I've done this before.

So why am I so damn nervous?

08 September 2010

WTF? Since When Is Pregnancy and Parenthood a "Special Need"?

Ignoring the demotivational text, since when is being pregnant or having a small child a disability? Priority seating on transit is for SENIORS AND THE DISABLED, not lazy-ass women with small children!

Cue whines of, "But I'm a MOMMEEEEE! You don't UNDERSTAAAAAND!"

Yeah. I do understand. You crapped out a kid. You're not entitled to jack shit, lady, so stop acting like you're SOOOO SPESHUL for getting knocked up and giving birth. Seriously. If your kid is small enough to be carried, you can carry it to the back of the bus. If it's old enough to walk, you can walk it to the back of the bus. And while I've got your attention, SHUT YOUR DAMN KID UP! Yeah, yeah, kids make noise, sure, but SCREAMING is not acceptable, and we DON'T have to put up with it. It's your kid, it's your fucking job to teach it what's socially appropriate. If you don't, someone else WILL.

Cue indignant, "How DARE you discipline my child!"

Well, lady, someone's gotta do it, and if you won't, I WILL. And I don't give a shit if it "crushes his spirit" or "stifles his creativity". The sun doesn't shine out your kid's ass, so stop acting like it does.