24 January 2010

RANT: What the hell are these people THINKING?

Woman Claims She Was "Sterilized Against [her] Will"

Nine kids, on SSI, her mother has custody of three of the little crotch-monkeys, and this woman is bitching about how she wants MOAR KIDS and the hospital allegedly sterilized her against her will

First off, she has nine -- NINE -- children, each with different fathers.

Secondly, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma? Not a disability. GET A JOB.

Third, the relevant documents (consent forms) are conveniently "missing". (They were sent to her previous lawyer, apparently, and then went "poof".) I suspect she got hold of them somehow, and destroyed them.

Fourth, we have the minor detail that she had previously sued a spermicide company because she got pregnant. Now I'm confused -- suing because you got pregnant, and now suing because you can't? This is NOT adding up.

Fifth... Look, I'm all for reproductive rights, but what about a little responsibility, here? This woman has proven, time and again, that she is NOT responsible enough to be a parent, that she has no desire to do anything for the kids, they're just cash-cows to her. More kids? She gets more money.

THIS is why I support the idea of parenting licenses. Anyone who wishes to be a parent should have to pass a rigorous exam testing their parenting skills, patience, intelligence, should meet a minimal income/resource* requirement, and for the love of all that is sacred, they should have to prove that they can RAISE the kid.

I have chosen to be child-free because I know I'm not responsible enough, I'm not financially secure, I can't provide physically or emotionally for a child. Nor do I have the patience to be a parent. I have made the intelligent choice, to NOT BREED, instead of popping out fuck-trophies just because I have a uterus and ovaries.

Seriously, people, THINK before you BREED! Is the world really better off because you shat out another "precious snowflake"?

And while I'm on the topic of "precious snowflakes" what the HELL is wrong with some people? Traditional names, great. Ethnic names, totally awesome. Names with religious significance? Sure! I'll even take hippy-dippy names like Moonbeam -- they're pretty, and many times fit the personality of the kid.

But this idiotic trend of "unique" names has GOT to go. NOW. If I see one more "Brytynnyye" or "Jaydynn" or some nonsensical shit like, "Le-a" (hint: the dash is not silent, it's seriously pronounced "ledasha") I'm gonna flip. Just give your kids nice, normal names, and save them a lot of trauma in school. I guarantee that little "Diammond Sparckle Zedekeyah Lilly Ann Martin" (see linked article) is going to be thoroughly traumatized, if only by constantly having to correct others on spelling. Hell, I'll bet a 20-sack (2 grams) of cannabis that, in 18 years, she's working at a strip club, thanks to her idiot parents and their habit of giving their kids yooneek naymez. While I'm on the topic, I'd also like to note that inner-city blacks** need to stop making up names like "Daejwan" and that adding "La", "Da", or "Ta" to the start of an existing name just screams, "poor inner-city ghetto trash" -- your kids are not getting employed with names like that. (And we're all wondering why crime is so high... CONNECT THE FUCKING DOTS! -- "black-sounding" name = NO JOB = higher crime.)

*By which I mean, not money, but a reliable support system (i.e. grandparents, friends, other family members willing to baby sit or otherwise help out with the kid) so the prospective parent can continue to work and provide for the future child.

**I'm tired of seeing people throw their lives away like this. It's entirely unnecessary, and just serves to further stigmatize the community they live in. Take some fucking PRIDE in yourself, and CLEAN UP YOUR SHIT.

EDIT: For more shits and giggles over horrible names, check out Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing - I'm in stitches over here!


  1. Parenting licenses? Thats absolutly brilliant! Not only would we be able to be able to stop the population from blowing up in our faces but we would also be able to make sure that the generations to come have the best possible chance.

    Lately it seems like a scary majority of young and immature kids are having babies and a lot of smart responsible people are choosing not to.
    For example, one of my roomates is getting in the stage where she really wants a baby. In my honest opinion she can hardly handle keeping the dog and a few plants in decent shape.

  2. I'm totally with you on the parent licenses idea!

  3. My grandmother had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I would have slapped the bloody shit out of you if you would have told her to get a job. It is a type of cancer. She went through chemo and was very sick and weak. I'm sorry, but it is disabling and it is a great reason to not have a job. I say this sincerely: I really hope you never get it and find out first hand because it is a terrible thing to experience... and not everyone lives through it. And yes, this is your blog and you can say whatever you want but I also have a voice with which to say whatever I want, and right now I say this post makes you seem like an insensitive bitch. Which is sad. I was enjoying your other stuff.

    ~ Zophia

    1. I wasn't talking about your grandma, and no, cancer is not a disability. A disease, yes. A disease that, in SOME circumstances, can be disabling.

      BUT, under federal law, cancer is NOT a disability.

      The woman "featured" here was clearly not disabled if she could raise nine kids.

    2. Angie D from CT19 July, 2012 06:47

      ditto...ignorant blog entry


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