08 September 2010

WTF? Since When Is Pregnancy and Parenthood a "Special Need"?

Ignoring the demotivational text, since when is being pregnant or having a small child a disability? Priority seating on transit is for SENIORS AND THE DISABLED, not lazy-ass women with small children!

Cue whines of, "But I'm a MOMMEEEEE! You don't UNDERSTAAAAAND!"

Yeah. I do understand. You crapped out a kid. You're not entitled to jack shit, lady, so stop acting like you're SOOOO SPESHUL for getting knocked up and giving birth. Seriously. If your kid is small enough to be carried, you can carry it to the back of the bus. If it's old enough to walk, you can walk it to the back of the bus. And while I've got your attention, SHUT YOUR DAMN KID UP! Yeah, yeah, kids make noise, sure, but SCREAMING is not acceptable, and we DON'T have to put up with it. It's your kid, it's your fucking job to teach it what's socially appropriate. If you don't, someone else WILL.

Cue indignant, "How DARE you discipline my child!"

Well, lady, someone's gotta do it, and if you won't, I WILL. And I don't give a shit if it "crushes his spirit" or "stifles his creativity". The sun doesn't shine out your kid's ass, so stop acting like it does.


  1. Merry meet and welcome back...Hope your feeling better.
    Now, about your article...I agree with you that pregnant women shouldnt be considered disabled BUT I disagree with you that theyre lazy women.
    I can actually see a logical reason for allowing a pregnant woman to sit up front since from what I understand, pregnant women often experiance aches and pains from being pregnant that most other women dont.
    As for the screaming kid problem...Yes...Definatly mommies and/or daddies need to teach them better or at the very least find out why theyre kicking up a fuss and alleviate the problem.

  2. And you can bet your ass that the person who finally teaches your child a lesson will make sure they NEVER forget it!

    Yes, it's the parents' job to understand why their child kicks up a fuss in public, but it's also their responsibility to do the heavy-duty teaching like that in the privacy of their own homes, not in public for all the world to see.

    Those aches and pains that pregnant women feel? Are NOTHING compared to anything a disabled or elderly person may feel, for the sheer simple fact that mom CHOSE to get pregnant and experience all that! People don't choose to be born or become disabled, nor do they choose to lose control of their bodies as they age. A pregnant woman CHOOSES that condition, and it is HER responsibility to make sure that she is comfortable, NOT John Q. Public.

  3. I completely agree with parents needing to take responsibility for their kids, but pregnant women don't just get a front seat because of aches and pains. It's a safety precaution for the unborn child. The pregnant woman could get bumped or jolted about on the way to another seat (and back up to the doors to leave the bus).

  4. It's not like pregnancy and getting children is necessary for the continued existence of the human race or anything..

  5. I don't mind pregnant women and prams sitting in the 'disabled' seat on the bus so much- (I don't always like it) as long as they frickin' move when someone who is disabled or elderly gets on the bus. Nearly everyone else has enough shame to move, but don't you dare act as if it's the worst thing to happen to you.
    Mind you, I do not like massive, monster prams on buses. If you plan to take your toddler on the bus, please get a slim fold-up stroller. It will be easier for you as well. If you have a baby, likewise, or use that little 'papoose' that keeps the baby attached to you.
    And if you think you're entitled to take a priority seat on trains and buses, but take up the space with a monster pram filled with shopping, especially if you see other people who are clearly disabled, elderly, sick, obviously exhausted or very young children standing up, you ought to be smacked like the spoilt brat you are. I have a job in which I'm on my feet a lot, and other days I honestly have a lot to carry, but I would be ashamed to take a seat if I could see someone needed it more than me.

  6. @Anonymous (10 February, 2011)

    That's why the fetus is in a fucking amniotic sac -- it's gonna get jostled and bumped, and Nature found a solution for that.

    Sitting or standing on a crowded bus has yet to kill or maim a fetus. Or a pregnant woman. A woman who, in this day and age of high-tech contraceptives, obviously CHOSE that condition. Thus, if she's uncomfortable, tough shit, should have thought about it before getting knocked up. Ditto for parents -- if it's SOOO HAAAAARD to be a mommy, hey, YOU CHOSE IT, so SUCK IT UP.

    @Rose -- With the sheer number of children just callously discarded into foster care? NO. We DON'T need to keep popping them out. The rational, HUMANE option for child-rearing is to adopt.

  7. "A woman who, in this day and age of high-tech contraceptives, obviously CHOSE that condition."

    This comment made me laugh. What if she was raped? In this day and age, if she's riding the bus and was raped, she did not choose pregnancy, and chances are, the Obamanauts who support his dictatorial healthcare plans have officially left the woman in a condition where she can't even afford an abortion.

    Oh, and by the way, I didn't choose autism and you don't see any "liberal" people in our days even considering things like that as disabilities.


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