30 June 2010

New Look....

My blog has a new look, a new style, and there are more changes coming soon! Like that list of links I promised you.


  1. wmdkitty, I thought I was going to get an intellectual discussion with Trench and his "pussy posse." Obviously, I did not. The thing is their belief system has inconsistencies. We pointed these things out and we were reviled. Why? All I was trying to do was to understand. I do not understand their logic at all.

    On his blog, I am advocate. Will you take a look at my blog if you do not mind?

  2. I like the new look and look forward to reading your future articles.

    Can I assume that your feeling better ?

  3. This blog looks effing awful. Can't you fix the font?

  4. I tend to agree with Anonymous, although I admit to looking at this with a problematic computer at present.

    Also, I encourage you to follow Cube's profile to his blog because he does need help and those bitches (and Reynolds) are too scared to. The more the merrier. Also, you may in interested in my reply blog to Trench's site -

  5. @Cube & Timelord -- Excellent blogs, both, and I'm happy to see that not everyone is taken in by *ahem*CERTAIN PEOPLE'S bullshit.

    @anonymous -- I'm fiddling with it, hold your damn horses.

  6. wmdkitty, If I'm wrong then it should be possible to refute anythingI say. Why won't they do that? They should be able to answer my questions. Why won't they?

  7. I suspect it's because they *can't* answer your questions.


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