29 December 2009

Things That Take You Back To Childhood: 1: Sesame Street

Yeah, I admit it: I enjoy watching Sesame Street first thing in the morning. Go ahead, mock me if you will, but for me, it's a daily dose of childhood innocence, an hour for me to quietly wake up, without having to hear about another bombing in Afghanistan, or another incident in Iraq, or another rape, murder, or child abduction. It's also about all I can handle first thing in the morning -- my brain takes about an hour to "warm up," and I'm not about to try to comprehend anything more complicated than numbers, letters, and muppets before noon.

As an adult, I'm noticing there are so many layers to the show, things you never noticed (or even would have paid attention to) as a child. Sesame Street is, in short, very much complex within its simplicity.

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  1. Aint nothing wrong with watching something that you like and makes you feel better about being alive.


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