10 December 2009

Go Team Maddow!

PZ Myers covered Rachel Maddow's complete evisceration of "ex-gay" Richard Cohen and his "de-conversion" bullshit. (PHARYNGULA)

Having watched it three times last night, I couldn't stop giggling at his lunacy. Sexual orientation, while fluid to a degree, isn't exactly something you can change.

I'm bisexual. Men, women, I find them both attractive. But I lean towards the "straight" end of the spectrum, with a definite preference for the Y-chromosome set. Come to think of it, a true 50-50 bisexual is a rare thing, most of us "lean" towards one end or the other. So, yeah, sexuality, for me, is a fluid concept, as is gender; I don't see the need to single out the LGBT crowd for "you, you're different, you're BAD" treatment, because it's all just a variation on the themes of sex and gender.

Likewise, sex isn't about which parts are going where -- it's about bonding with your partner, and having fun, and feeling good. It's something that should be enjoyed, not shut away as "dirty" or "obscene".

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  1. I couldnt agree with you more my friend.


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