26 August 2009


It's time for something a little a lot less serious.
(Finally looks the way I wanted it to look!)

It's, what, the 23d century, or something, and on a starship of several hundred people, there is only one restroom. You'd think they'd have planned a little better than that, amirite?

Okay, so this last one is almost blasphemous, but seriously, he was always going around poking at dangerous animals!  [bad Aussie accent] "This is one of the most venomous snakes in the world; it looks pissed off -- I'm going to pick it up!"[/bad Aussie accent]


  1. Re Star Fleet lavatories...

    Once there was a company known as Taurus Publishing. Taurus pirated the original Enterprise blueprints to create their Klingon bird of prey blueprints, and removed the bathrooms.

    It helped explain why Klingons were so nasty to people they met, and led to the observation that Klingons fart in airlocks.

  2. Klingon farts... OMG, those have GOT to be nasty! Consider their diet for a moment....


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