28 May 2011

Blogging, Comments

I've had a few anonymous cowards come on here and flat out insult me.

I have only ever had to delete two comments -- one that posted my personal information (who also hit my LiveJournal, and was probably my ex), and one that directly attacked me.

Holy shit, I posted something that offended someone? OH NO! NOT THAT! *pfft* People need to grow the fuck up, already, and get over it -- it's my blog, it's my content, and I post whatever I feel like posting. If you hate it so much you feel compelled to comment on it, please, don't bother. Just go somewhere else if you don't like it. (Christ, it's even in the disclaimer up top!)

Or, if you just HAVE TO comment on how much I suck*, please have the testicular fortitude to leave your name.

* My partner sure isn't complaining about it!


  1. This is ginmar. You and I have argued---and I do disagree with stuff you said----but I totally get what you said about that ex and how he treated you. You're still experiencing the after-effects. I hope you get better. I hope you feel better. He sounds like a horrible asshole, and I hope he's locked away forever in some dark hole.

    I said this over there but I don't know if you'll get to read it there-----I haven't the stomach for a six hundred comment thread. But there was a study recently that confirmed that abusers like to think---and say----that there are many many more abusers out there like them than there actually are. This makes abuser normal. It depresses their victims to the point where they lose the will to fight. And it makes the abuser feel better about himself.

  2. Screw the abusers, Shawna. Most people get what jerks they are. I mean, blogs are like living rooms -- they are the property of the blog owner, and everyone else is a guest. So ban the jerks, and move on.

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  4. I've always found your comments both entertaining and insightful. Long may you continue.


  5. I think it's somewhat funny that a person blogging about Pokemon and Buffy Vampire Slayer comic books tells others to grow up.

    Just sayin'.


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