18 November 2009

Things that make you go: Huh?

Okay, I'm in a severely altered mind-state right now, so please disregard typos and weirder than normal shit.

I had a brilliant thought on the nature of the human uterus and how it's meant to carry (ideally) one fetus to term per pregnancy. And sometimes stuff happens and you end up with twins, rite? Well for each additional fetus in the uterus there is less and less available to them from momma's resources. The human uterus is simply not meant for birthing litters.

And then I thought, but they do breed litters -- they just do it one cub at a time.

Youa's litter of four is going to have another cub to play with in ~6 moons.

As for me, no, I will not be plopping out cubs AT ALL because I'm not mother material.

Honestly, I dislike most cubs: they're loud, obnoxious, and move WAY TOO FAST for my comfort. At teh same time, I absolutely WILL NOT ALLOW ANY CUB -- related to me or not -- to come to harm. This is one of the huge NONO-s of the Church of Satan: WE DO NOT CONDONE the hurting or killing of children and small animals. (So, no, no squicky sacrifices going on.)

I guess I could cub-sit when they're a bit older, though.

Unfortunately, not many (even within my own family) would be willing to leave a Satanist watch over the cubs.

*sad* But at least I can get in on a cuddle puddle with my favorite cubs every once in a while.





  1. Its sad that so many still think of satanism as evil and/or of the "devil".

    I too aint parent material but not because I dont like kids...I do BUT Im so fucked up psychologicaly that I wouldnt make a good father and I dont believe in just spreading my seed...Being a parent is more than just siring or birthing kids.

  2. Yeah, it takes someone special to be "Mom" or "Dad".

  3. Rev, I hear you...I don't know that I would be a good mother. Most of the time I am stable, but you can't just be a parent on the good days.

    And I would let you babysit my kid if I had one, Shawna...just because you are a decent person.

    Oh, first name is Shannon...I get called your name quite often, I don't even bother correcting people anymore. :)



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